The Power of Naneau
Super Oxygen Therapy

Naneau turns natural water in to a super saturated and highly oxygenated liquid with billions of Oxygen Nano-bubbles, which can be immediately absorbed by your body.

Sports Professionals
& Amateurs.

Helps wound healing decreasing inflammation & pain
Muscle relaxation, increased metabolism and energy levels
Faster recovery from exercise bouts (athletic performance)

Medical and
Skin Conditions

Trials show a reduction and even healed chronic skin conditions
Blocks bacteria, detoxifies and strengthens the body’s immune system
Trials show reduced side effects of chemo and radiation therapies
Significantly reduced healing time of wounds and injuries from surgery

Beauty Therapy:
Helping to...

Encourage cell regeneration of new collagen and new skin and reduced wrinkles
Better sleep quality and quantity
Muscle relaxation Increased metabolism and energy levels


Nan Eau

Just say

The Power of Naneau Oxygen Nanobubbles

Naneau Water is normal water which is split at the molecular level. It’s then reassembled with nano sized oxygen bubbles, called ultra fine or nanobubbles, so small that they are suspended in the water, unable to escape until you drink or bath in them. The oxygen nanobubbles are attracted to your body like a magnet and are completly safe. After all it's just natural part of natures way of keeping us alive.

We're at the begining of fully understanding the power of oxygen nanobubbles and their healing effects on the human body but what we do know already is that Naneau oxygen water start to oxygenate your blood within minutes of either drinking the water or bathing in the hydrotherapy bath.


Kure Water Oxygen Boost
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  • BALANCED pH 7.0





Subscription Plans

3, 6 OR 12 MONTH with up to 50% discount

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Trial pack

Trial packs

Try out Kure Water with 12 or 24 bottles of Oxygen Water

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See all research on Oxygen Nanobubbles

Hydrotherapy & Drinking Water Trials

Trials conducted at the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center For Healing in Irvine California. 26 stage 4 cancer paitents were treated using early development of the Naneau technology.

Blood samples were taken before the therapy and 10 minutes after the treatment, which included a single nano-oxygen hydrotherapy session of 20 minutes both with and without drinking the bottled water. Dr Leigh Erin Connealy (Center Director) and Nena Neissen (Dark Field Microscopist) 

Center For New Medicine offers the latest in cancer therapies, addiction therapies, detoxification, holistic dentistry, nutrition, fitness and weight loss, cosmetic/laser treatment, pain management, allergy therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and much more.


Naneau Heath Spa, Norwich, opening soon

NANEAU water represents an absolutely unique advancement in water technology, which creates microscopic nano oxygen bubbles, super-saturated and suspended in water.

We will be opening our first Naneau Heath MediSpa in Norwich. If you would like to find out more information or to be informed of when you can officially book your Naneau session please subscribe to our mailing list, to be kepted up to date on our progress.

Nano Oxygen Bubbles

Oxygen Nano-bubbles are gas bubbles in liquid that are 100x smaller than a human hair and 7x smaller than a red blood-cell. 

Testing & Trials

Several studies and trials have taken place in the US, which have shown to produce measurable increase in the body’s cellular oxygen levels.

Safe for Hydrotherapy / Drinking

15 years of research have created our microscopic nano oxygen bubbles, super-saturated in water, which is completely safe to the human body

Oxygen Therapy

Our treatments can be administered by taking a 20 min Hydrotherapy session and / or by drinking our bottled water, which immediately starts to detoxify the blood in a matter of minutes. 

Hydrotherapy Sessions with NANEAU Water

Naneau Water is normal water split at the molecular level. It’s then reassembled with nano sized oxygen bubbles so small that they are suspended in the liquid, unable to escape until you drink or bathe in it.
  • Total Session: 40 minutes
  • Hydrotherapy session: 20 minutes
  • Temperature: 37oC
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Relaxing and energizing
  • Feels silky and soft
  • Single Adult Capsule

Basic Overview

The Hydrotherapy session gently massages the body, which has up to 1105% more oxygen than normal water. These nano oxygen bubbles penetrate the tissues directly, permeating the fluid in the spaces between tissue cells and connective tissue, delivering higher levels of oxygen than has ever been possible before
  • £45 per session
  • Packages available dependant on condition to be treated

Hydrotherapy Session

  • 1 Naneau Hydrotherapy Session per day
  • 14 day Hydrotherapy plan
  • 1x 750ml Naneau Drinking Water per day
  • Our Clients usually choose 2-3-4 rounds of Hydrotherapy
  • We recommend a 10 day break between hydrotherapy rounds, but drinking Naneau water daily is a recommendation of the recovery plan
Each delivery plan is discussed at length with our clinician prior to undertaking any treatment plan.

Interested in a Naneau Hydrotherapy Oxygen Session?

If you are interested in booking a Naneau Oxygen Hydrotherapy session please leave your details below and we'll inform you of the launch dates and availablity.

Please note

One hydrotherapy session takes 20 minutes, please allow 40 minutes for changing and if a consultation is booked prior to your session. There are people using the facility before and after each session and we need time to clean the capsule for the next customer. So please be on time or if you are going to be late please contact us as soon as possible. Please book your session before you arrive at the clinic as it might not be possible to facilitate walk-ins. We do not recommend swimwear during the session. Towels are provided. We do not recycle the water! or refill your hydrotherapy capsule! Please be at the facility on time. We have to start the bath rounds in every 40 minutes. We have to keep the schedule. All the bathtubs are separated. One person - per room.

Medi Disclaimer

Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Naneau Clinics and Resorts Ltd does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. Read the FULL Medical Disclaimer

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