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The Naneau technology inventors have worked for over 10 years to create a new water splitting technology that creates some of the smallest oxygen nanobubbles commercially available to the general public, with health and well-being properties.

Gary Douglas-Beet saw the potential for this technology in 2016 and was involved in the first fundraise for Kure H2O, the potential licensee of the global distribution of oxygenated nanobubble bottled water. That deal never worked out. Having seen the amazing work done by Kaqun in eastern europe, he wanted to bring the Generation 5 technology to the UK. Not wanting to see this important technology gather dust on a shelf. So he worked closely with the inventors to launch the Naneau MediSpa clinics, initially across the UK. Currently under planning.

Kaqun was the first commercially and publicly available technology and could be viewed a Generation 1. Kaqun has been using their water commercially and medically for over a decade with incredible success: shrinking cancerous tumours in mice and humans, healing skin maladies like eczema and psoriasis, speeding up wound healing times and quality, rapidly healing burns both thermal and radiation, assisting in the amelioration of the side effects of chemotherapy, and a myriad of digestive benefits. They have conducted several clinical trials with overwhelming success.

The Naneau team firmly beliieve that this oxygen nanobubble technology is at the start of a journey that will only prove the benefits to mankind.

We hope you'll join us on our journey.

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