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hyperbaric chambers in treatment for cancer
hyperbaric chambers in treatment for cancer

Can oxygen therapy cure cancer

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Oxygen is one of life's essential elements and every cell in our body requires oxygen to survive.

More complicated is a Cancer cells' relationship with oxygen, which has led to decades of research into whether oxygen is good for cancer or bad for it. The answers are still not definitive but the acceleration of research over recent years especially in the field of oxygenated nanobubbles, are very encouraging. Whilst some institutions, doctors and surgeons don't believe oxygen can help a cancer treatments effectiveness, usually because that only a few years ago the technology became available to view oxygen nanobubbles under a microscope, researcher are proving that this is likely to be a major breakthrough in our ability to treat cancer. I don't ever think that nanobubbles will cure cancer, that thought is too far fetched, but oxygenating the body, improving the immune system and helping to repair the damage caused by radiation therapy, well let see what the next few years of research provide us with. You make that decision for yourself.

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Lets take a look at how we oxygenate our cells

Breathing in oxygen and the affects on tumours

When you breathe, oxygen passes into the lungs and is carried into the blood to feed cells throughout the body. Initially cancer cells need oxygen to survive, which is one reason why tumours make new vessels that tap into the body's blood supply, a process called angiogenesis. As tumours quickly develop and grow, they no longer need their oxygen supply, but surprisingly, that does not always inhibit their growth. Studies show that some cancers may thrive and resist treatment when they become starved of oxygen, a condition called hypoxia.

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment

Some cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy, can cause damage to healthy tissue around the area being treated. Usually, that tissue damage heals normally over time. But sometimes nearby blood vessels lose the ability to supply enough blood to the healing area. When the blood supply is limited, cells do not get enough oxygen. This slows the healing process even more and can create complications.

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment uses high pressure to increase the amount of oxygen you can breathe. This puts more oxygen into the bloodstream, which can help the healing process. You stay in a hyperbaric (high-pressure) chamber during the treatment, which can last from 60 to 90 minutes. Treatments are usually repeated over a number of days or weeks for the most benefit.

HBO does not cause many side effects, and they are usually minor.

High-pressure oxygen breathing during radiotherapy for cancer treatment

Adding HBO to the treatment of head and neck cancers reduced mortality at both one year and five years after therapy. Local tumour recurrence was also less likely with HBO at one year and five years in head and neck cancer.

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