Oxygen Water Scams - Myths & Truths

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Trolling the internet for 'Oxygen Water Scams' you will find several articles relating to Scammers who have seduced people to buy their oxygen water to cure AIDS, Cancer and a multitude of illnesses. Most relate to a time when it wasn't even possible to measure the oxygen molecule under a microscope because the technology just didn't exist. Also the technology to create nanoscopic oxygen bubbles that saturate and are stable in water was in its infancy and in general was only being used as a form of water treatment for dying lakes and fish farms. The oxygen bubbles that were created back in 2014 were more likely to be micro bubbles, which are not stable in water and have the tenancy to rise to the surface and burst.

To save you time researching scam articles we've provided links to various articles we've found for you to decide for yourself. Enjoy.
Nanobubbles or Ultra Fine Bubbles have come along way. Here's the thoughts of today with insights in to their potential across many industries.
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